Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Doctor's Appointment

Blooper Pic: Me attempting to dance an Irish jig. Challenge accepted FAILED

Happy St. Patrick's Day, folks! Here's some relevant pics of my dad's authentic(?) Irish(??) shillelagh(sp?!?).

My siblings have March Break this week, so I've been watching them during the day. I've been bumming it clothing-wise these past several days, ergo, it was a huge relief to finally put some effort into my wardrobe for my trip to the city.

I suppose that, at age 23, I can be classified as a "big girl" now, and yet I find it an extremely daunting task to visit the doctor all by myself.

Because it's St. Patrick's Day, I made sure to wear some green on my person, but I gotta be honest, folks - I felt really silly when I sat in the waiting room. Aside from the one girl with the bright green flower clip in her hair, everyone else wore muted grays and neutrals. As I sat in silence amongst others in the waiting room, I felt a tinge of guilt that I should put such emphasis on my appearance, when there were people in their with valid, serious concerns on their health and welfare..

And then I was made, once again, to reflect on the plight of the earthquake/tsunami victims in Japan...It kinda made me put things into perspective, and that there are a lot more matters in the world for which to be concerned)

Green ??? Sweater
Green Costa Blanca Scarf
Guess Jeans
Gray Goody Headband

I realized something today - something of great value and gravity. As a child, you never see a visit to the doctor's as something nerve-wracking (it helps to have your mommy and daddy along with you), but as you get older, and you have a better understanding of germs and infections and the like, it becomes an unpleasant chore, not unlike paying taxes.

Is it wrong to never want to grow up?

*sighs*...Now I'm depressed. I crave laughter; here's a somewhat-relevant, racially-insensitive Ren & Stimpy clip.

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Chaudie said...

I lolz at Ren, using a saw in an humane way.