Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Very Painful Minute

Blooper Pic: Out, damned spot! DX

That's the best way to describe the final moments of my brother's loss against a rival basketball team. No doubt about it - he pulled his weight, but I guess the other team just wanted it more.

Cardigan - The Gap
Orange Headband - Goody scarf
Green Scarf - Costa Blanca
Purple Tank Top - The Gap
Blue Jeans - Guess

Like my makeup? I got a lil' shadow-happy on the eyes today, but I think it looks okay. Now if only I could do something about those bushy caterpillars I call eyebrows...

Aargh, mateys!

Actually, I wasn't planning on updating my blog today. But...I've already finished the Twilight books, so my distraction fodder has been exhausted.

Where's Sookie Stackhouse when you need her...?

1 comment:

Lula said...

I knowwwwwww! Come back Sookie! Now.
Like the makeup by the way! Suits ya!