Monday, February 14, 2011

I Get the Feeling Today is Significant....

Or maybe it's just me...

Happy Valentine's Day!

I watched the Grammys last night.

Sure, I could rant and rave over its self-indulgence, its long stretches of boring performances, and I could throw an indignant hissy fit over some questionable award snags (Esperanza?!?!?!), but life's too short - and that's really not the focus of my blog (my Twitter page, on the other hand...)

No, all I'm really going to say about the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards is how much Rihanna D.O.M.I.N.A.T.E.D. on the red carpet. Jennifer Hudson was on-point, and newcomer wizard-cum-starlet Selena Gomez made herself known and put Miley Cyrus to shame, but all eyes were on Rhi-Rhi and her revealing yet ethereal dress choice.


I don't get people, though. I don't get how this dress could make it on the WORST dressed list instead of the BEST dressed. Yes, admittedly it's a rather revealing dress, but it's still classy. It covers up in all the right places, and yet shows just enough skin to be devastatingly seductive. This is nowhere near J.Lo or Lil' Kim territory, folks, so back it up. Y'all just jealous.

Besides, it's the red carpet: you're SUPPOSED to be risque. You're SUPPOSED to test the boundaries of taste and practicality. In this case, it worked (though I wish I could say the same for some of the other poor souls... :P)

It's like "The Black Swan" meets Ariel from "The Little Mermaid"!!!

But as much as I loved the red carpet dress, I was simply BLOWN AWAY by the little number Rihanna wore during her performance with Drake:

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

And now I think I've finally found my direction. I enjoy these red carpet shows because they give me a better understanding of what I like and don't like, and what may or may not look good on me. In the past, Rihanna's seemed Lady Gaga-ish in her fashion taste, but now that Nicky Minaj is cornering the 'coo-coo couture' market, she may finally tone it down enough for me to really see her as a style icon.

Perhaps I'm feeling her vibe already. Perhaps I'm destined for chic-greatness!

Fat Chance...

*sigh*...And perhaps I've still got a long way to go...

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Jet said...

Oh wow. I didn't watch the awards but that Christian Dior dress is all sorts of wonderful!