Sunday, January 3, 2010

Do People Dress Up For Church Anymore?

My mom had intended to go to church today, but canceled at the last minute.

Not because she was sick, or because she had to go to work.

It was because she had nothing to wear.

Well, mind you, she had things she could wear - she actually showed me several different outfits. Some of them were actually very flattering. But none of which were suitable for church.

So much clothes, yet nothing to wear, she lamented.

She's now opted to stay home and clean out her closet.

This little scenario got me thinking: do people still dress up for church? I'll admit I'm no saint - it's been awhile since I've sat on a pew. Yet I do recall my last few times at church, and not everyone shows up in their "Sunday Best", so to speak. I think I've even seen people show up in (*gasp*) jeans to worship.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not implying that a dress code be enforced (church is already struggling with drumming up attendance as it is), I just feel jeans have no place within the House of God.

I'm used to seeing men in suits, women in skirts and pantyhose, and older women in those big, pompous, glorious hats.

But, I guess times have changed. Either that, or I need to go to church more often.

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