Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Burj Dubai: A Modern-Day Tower of Babel?

I got a baaad feeling about this one.

Reports have indicated that the Burj Dubai (or Burj Khalifa, as it is now being called) has recently opened as the world's tallest building. Reaching a staggeringly audacious 200 storeys into the sky, this architectural behemoth is a technical wonder that would make Frank Lloyd Wright stand in awe (and possibly erect a little structure of his own...well, that is, if he weren't dead and all...)

All right, I'm just gonna come out and say it: this thing should not exist on the planet. I mean...LOOK AT IT.

Why was this tower even necessary? It's essentially a child worth $2 billion waving its arms around going "Look at me, look at me!". It has no purpose aside from giving Dubai bragging rights (which seems awfully redundant, considering that the city already possesses the world's tallest hotel).

Also, doesn't it seem like something that tall is just ASKING to get targeted?

I don't know, perhaps it was that unpleasant reminder on Christmas Day that people still want to blow us up, but a nagging thought stays at the back of my mind that the terrorists are looking at this monstrosity poking a hole in the sky, and shaking their fist going "Progress? Not on my watch!"

I say this because, even though the United Arab Emirates is considered fairly liberal in terms of the freedoms it allows compared to the rest of the Middle East, it is still smack-dab in a region of radical Islamic fundamentalism. I don't know how safe the UAE is, or whether it has ever succumbed to attacks like those that happen on a daily basis in Pakistan. All I'm saying is that when I look at the world's tallest tower, I see a vertical, landlocked version of the Titanic.

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